Auld Lang Syne (© Robert Burns)

Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and never brought to mind?
Should auld acquaintance be forgot,
and auld lang syne?

   For auld lang syne, my dear,
   for auld lang syne,
   we'll tak' a cup o' kindness yet,
   for auld lang syne.

We twa hae run about the braes,
and pou'd the gowans fine;
But we've wander'd mony a weary fit,
sin' auld lang syne.

We twa hae paidl'd in the burn,
frae morning sun till dine;
But seas between us braid hae roar'd
sin' auld lang syne.

And there's a hand, my trusty fiere!
and gie's a hand o' thine!
And we'll tak' a right gude-willie waught,
for auld lang syne.

And surely ye'll be your pint-stoup!
and surely I'll be mine!
And we'll tak' a cup o’ kindness yet,
for auld lang syne.

Back Home in Derry (© Bobby Sands)

    Am      Em
In 1803 we sailed out to sea
 G            D             Am
Out from the sweet town of Derry
For Australia bound if we didn't all drown
And the marks of our fetters we carried
        D                    Am
In our rusty iron chains we cried for our wains
     D                     Em
Our good women we left in sorrow
As the mainsails unfurled our curses we hurled
On the English and thoughts of tomorrow

At the mouth of the Foyle bid farewell to the soil
As down below deck we were lyin'
O'Doherty screamed woken out of a dream
By a vision of Bold Robert dyin'
The sun burned cruel as we dished out the gruel
Dan O'Connor was down with a fever
Sixty rebels today bound for Botany Bay
How many will reach their receiver

Am          G          Am         G            Am
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, And I wish I was back home in Derry
Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, And I wish I was back home in Derry

I cursed them to hell as our bow fought the swell
Our ship danced like a moth in the firelight
White horses rode high as the Devil passed by
Takin' souls to Hades by twilight
Five weeks out to sea we were now forty-three
We buried our comrades each morning
In our own slime we were lost in a time
Endless night without dawning

Van Diemen's Land is a hell for a man
To live out his whole life in slavery
Where the climate is raw and the gun makes the law
Neither wind nor rain care for bravery
Twenty years have gone by and I've ended my bond
My comrades' ghosts walk behind me
A rebel I came and I'm still the same
On the cold winds of night you will find me

T:Back Home In Derry
C:Bobby Sands
D:Christy Moore "Ride On"
B:Connolly "The Christy Moore Songbook"

Bad Moon Rising (© John Fogerty)

G        D   C    G
I see a bad moon rising
I see trouble on the way
I see earthquakes and lightning
I see bad times today

Don't go round tonight
It's bound to take your life
 D         C               G
There's a bad moon on the rise

I hear hurricanes a-blowin'
I know the end is comin' soon
I fear rivers overflowin'
I hear the voice of rage and ruin

Don't go round tonight ...

Hope you got your things together
Hope you are quite prepared to die
Looks like we're in for nasty weather
One eye is taken for an eye

Don't go round tonight ...

Ballad of Saint Anne's Reel (© David Mallet)

He was stranded in some tiny town on fair Prince Edward Island
Waiting for a ship to come and find him
A one horse place, a friendly face
Some coffee and a tiny trace of fiddling in the distance far behind him

A dime across the counter then, a shy hello, a brand new friend
A walk along the street in wintry weather
A yellow light, an open door, a welcome friend there's room for more
And then they're standing there inside together

He said, "I've heard that tune before somewhere, but I can't remember when
Was it on some other friendly shore, did I hear it on the wind?
Was it written on the sky above, think I heard it from someone I loved
But I never heard a sound so sweet since then."

And now his feet begin to tap, a little boy says, "I'll take your hat"
He's caught up in the magic of his smile
Leap, the heart inside him went, and off across the floor he sent
His clumsy body graceful as a child

He said, "There's magic in the fiddler's arm, there's magic in this town
There's magic in the dancers' feet and the way they put them down
People smiling everywhere, boots and ribbons, locks of hair
And laughter, old blue suits and Easter gowns

The sailor's gone, the room is bare, the old piano's sitting there
Someone's hat's left hanging on the rack
Empty chairs, a wooden floor that feels the touch of shoes no more
A-waiting for the dancers to come back

And the fiddle's in the closet of some daughter of the town
The strings are broke, and the bow is gone, and the cover's buttoned down
But often on December nights, when the air is cold and the wind is right
There's a melody that passes through the town

The Band Played Waltzing Mathilda (© Eric Bogle)

     C        F           C          Am
When I was a young man I carried my pack
       C              G         C
And I lived the free life of a rover
          C             F            C        Am
From the Murrays green basin to the dusty outback
   C               G       C
I waltzed my Mathilda all over
         G                   F              C
Then in nineteen fifteen my country said: "Son,
      G                                   F          C
It's time to stop ramblin' cause there's work to be done"
         C        Am                C        Am
So they gave me a tin hat and they gave me a gun
          C        G          C
And they sent me away to the war

         C           F           C
And the band played Waltzing Mathilda
       C       F            G
As we sailed away from the quay
     F                          C    
And amidst all the tears, the shouts and the cheers
    C             G     C
We sailed off to Gallipoli

How well I remember that terrible day
When the blood stained the sand and the water
Well how in that hell that they call Suvla Bay
We were butchered like lambs at the slaughter
Johnny Turk he was ready, he primed himself well
He chased us with bullets, yeah he rained us with shells
And in five minutes flat he'd blown us all to hell
Nearly blew us right back to Australia
And the band played Waltzing Mathilda
As we stopped to bury our slain
And we buried ours and the Turks buried theirs
Then it started all over again

Now those who were living did the best to survive
In a mad world of death, blood and fire
And for seven long weeks oh I kept myself alive
But the corpses around me  piled higher
Then a big Turkish shell knocked my arse over head
And when I awoke in my hospital bed
And saw what it had done, Christ, I wished I was dead
Never knew there were worse things than dying
And the band played Waltzing Mathilda
All around the green bush far and near
For to hump tent and pegs, a man needs both legs
No more Waltzing Mathilda for me

So they collected the crippled, the wounded, the maimed
And they shipped us back home to Australia
The legless, the armless, the blind, the insane
Oh those proud wounded heroes of Suvla
And as our ship pulled into Circular Quay
I looked at the place where my legs used to be
And thank Christ, there was nobody waiting for me
To grieve and to mourn and to pity
And the band played Waltzing Mathilda
As they carried us down the gangway
But nobody cheered, they just stood and stared
And they turned all their faces away

And now every April I sit on my porch
And I watch the parade pass before me
I see my old comrades, how proudly they march
Re-aliving past dreams of past glory
I see the old men all twisted and torn
Oh those forgotten heroes from a forgotten war
And the young people ask me, "what are they marching for?"
And I ask myself the same question
And the band plays Waltzing Mathilda
And the old men still answer the call
But year after year their numbers get fewer
Some day no one will march there at all

Broad Majestic Shannon (© Shane MacGowan)

The last time I saw you was down at the Greeks    
There was whiskey on Sunday and tears on our cheeks   
You sang me a song that was pure as the breeze
Blowing up the road to Glenaveigh

And I sat for a while at the cross at Finnoe 
Where young lovers would meet when the flowers were in bloom
Heard the man coming home from the fair at Shinrone   
Their hearts in Tipperary wherever they go    

Take my hand, and dry your tears babe 
Take my hand, forget your fears babe 
There's no pain, there's no more sorrow  
They've all gone, gone in the years babe

And I sat for a while by a gap in the wall 
Found a rusty tin can and an old hurley ball 
Heard the cards being dealt and the rosary called 
And a whistle playing Sean Dun na nGall

And the next time I see you we'll be down at the Greeks 
There'll be whiskey on Sunday and tears on our cheeks 
For its stupid to laugh and its useless to bawl 
'Bout a rusty tin can and an old hurley ball

Take my hand ...

So I walked as day was dawning 
Where small birds sang and leaves were falling 
Where we once watched the row boats landing 
By the broad majestic Shannon

The Crack was 90 in the Isle of Man (© Barney Rush)

Well, weren't we the rare oul stock,
We spent the evenin' gettin' locked
 D                                 G                  C
Up in the ace of hearts where the high stools were engaging

O'er the Butt Bridge, down by the dock,
The boat she sailed at five o'clock
"Hurry, boys, now," said Whack,
"Or before we're there we'll all be back"

Carry him if you can
          G              D               G
And the crack was ninety in the Isle of Man

Before we reached the Alexander Base, the ding dong we did surely raise
In the bar of the ship we had great sport, as the boat she sailed out of the port
Landed up in the Douglas Head, enquired for a vacant bed
The dining room we soon got shown, by a decent woman up the road
"Lads, ate it if you can"
And the crack was ninety in the Isle of Man

Next morning we went for a ramble round, we viewed the sights of Douglas Town
Then we went for a mighty session in a pub they call Dick Darbies
We must have been drunk by half past three, to sober up we went swimmin' in the sea
Back to the digs for the spruce up, while waitin' for the Rosie
We all drew up our plan
And the crack was ninety in the Isle of Man

That night we went to the Texas Bar, we came back down by horse and car
Met Big Jim and all went in to drink some wine in Yate's
The Liverpool Judies it was said were all to be found in the Douglas Head
McShane was there in his suit and shirt, them foreign girls he was tryin' to flirt
Sayin' "Here, girls, I'm your man"
And the crack was ninety in the Isle of Man

Whacker fancied his good looks, on a Isle of Man woman he was struck
But a Liverpool lad was by her side and he throwin' the jar into her
Whacker thought he'd take a chance, he asked the quare one out to dance
Around the floor they stepped it out, and to Whack it was no bother
Everything was goin' to plan
And the crack was ninety in the Isle of Man

The Isle of Man woman fancied Whack, your man stood there till his mates came back
Whack! they all whacked into Whack, and Whack was whacked out on his back
The police force arrived as well, they banjoed a couple of them as well
Landed up in the Douglas jail, until the Dublin boat did sail
Deported every man
And the crack was ninety in the Isle of Man
Oh, the crack was ninety in the Isle of Man

T:Craic was Ninety in the Isle of Man, The
C:Barney Rush (Mild Music)
D:Christy Moore "Live in Dublin", Toss the Feathers "Columbus Eclipse"
B:Connolly "The Christy Moore Songbook"
D2|:D3E G2G2|G4 D3D|D3D G2G2|G8|A3A A2A2|A4 G2A2|B2G2 G2F2|E2G4D2:|
"G"D2E2 D2B,2|D4 G2A2|"G"B2B2B2B2|"D"c2A2 G2F2|"G"G4|| 

The Dark Days Are Over (© Ray Cooper)

Deep pools and diamonds, the warmth of a fire
I feel I’m falling but I follow the wire
To something familiar like the voice of a child
The shape of your mouth, the ghost of a smile

Dark is the window but I see inside
Deep is the mirror that sparkles and shines
And all of the jewels, you thought you could hide

Now the dark days are over
Darling believe me they're over
Leave them behind
We've wandered so long in the shadows of night
Believe me, the dark days are gone

She said ‘Show me your steel, your armour, your knife
Show me your will to protect and survive
When nothing is certain, except in the mind
Show me you have what it takes for this life’

I said I will have faith, and I will be true
Catching at pearls as they fall with the dew
And all that I have I offer to you

The dark days are over
Darling believe me they're over
Leave them behind
We've wandered so long in the valleys of night 
Believe me, the dark days are gone

Dark Night Of The Soul (© St. John of the Cross/Loreena McKennitt)

Upon a darkened night
The flame of love was burning in my breast
And by a lantern bright
I fled my house while all in quiet rest
Shrouded by the night
And by the secret star I quickly fled
The veil concealed my eyes
While all within lay quiet as the dead

Oh night thou was my guide
Oh night more loving than the rising sun
Oh night that joined the lover to the beloved one
Transforming each of them into the other

Upon that misty night
In secrecy, beyond such mortal sight
Without a guide or light
Than that which burned so deeply in my heart
That fire t'was led me on
And shone more bright than of the midday sun
To where he waited still
It was a place where no one else could come

Oh night thou was my guide ...

I lost myself to him
And laid my face upon my lovers breast
And care and grief grew dim
As in the morning mists became the light
From o'er the fortress walls
The wind would brush his hair against his brow
And with its smoothest hand
Caressed my every sense it would allow

Oh night thou was my guide ...

The Death of the Bear (© Donal MacDonald)

The cultural condition of postmodernity: The "Conquest of Paradise" has left a "Paradise Lost" in its wake. Still, vodka has always been a soul-comforter, not least at state funerals.

         Bm                      Em
The balalaika rings silent from Minsk to Red Square
     G                    F
The cortege assembles to bury the bear
   Bm                   Em
Nadia Rastropovic looks on in despair
       G        A        Bm
With Irina, Catrina and Olga
And quietly remembering her brother Ivan
Shot in the back in Afghanistan
The Stalinist purges, the snowy white grave
That claimed Boris, Dimitri and Igor

She remembered how proud she cheered with the crowd
When Juri Gagarin sailed over the clouds
Nadja and Ivan they shouted aloud:
We put the first man in space
But that was before the feared K.G.B.
Put a question mark over her own loyalty
To keep an eye on her comrades one, two, three
Irina, Cathrina and Olga

And poor Uncle Vlad whom the Doc declared mad
For refusing to leave his beloved Leningrad
She stood in the doorway, tearful and sad
As they froged-marched him off to the Gulag
He took a last look at his own native hills
Where grew the red dog-wood and wild daffodils
The look on his face was haunting her still
Comrade Nadja Rastropovic

But sometimes alone she'd think of the West
Ladies with opals adorning their breast
Park Avenue poseurs who behave like the Tsar
With silver coke spoons for their caviar
And she'd reflect back to when she'd just turned ten
And faithfully subscribed to fair play for all men
But seventy odd years of Bolshevik dreams
Had worn down her pride and left her no means
To cope with her own disillusions

If Trotsky and Engels saw the Dachas and Zils
The Politburo boys with their hands in the till
The bear was long dead before he got ill
Was it the cure or was it the fever?
No more reds under beds to freak out the Feds
A defunct Superpower in tatters and shreds
The marks left by Karl leave them queueing for bread
In the Caucuses, Baltics and Urals

T:Death of the Bear, The
N:Conquest of Paradise / Death of the Bear
C:Donal McDonald (Tolka Music)
D:Deoch an Dorais "Calliope", Dubliners "30 Years A-Greying"
B:Campbell et al "The Dubliners Songbook"
C:Vangelis (Spheric Music)
D:Vangelis "1492"
"D"f4e2|d4cd|"A"e4c2|A4A2|1 "G"G4A2|B4AG|"F#"F6|z4:|2 
w: The ba-la-lai-ka rings si-lent from Minsk to Red Square, The
w: cor-tege as-sem-bles to bu-ry the bear,
w: Na-dia Ras-tro-po-vic looks on in des-pair, With I-
w: ri-na, Cat-ri-na and Ol-ga.

Dirty Old Town Revisited (© Ewan McColl/The Edge Arr. Walkin' Tom 2002)

Still a brilliant song, but it needed a new tune (`Van Dieman's Land').

          D  G                  D
I met my love by the gas works door
           Bm                 A
Dreamed a dream by the old canal
            F#m                  Bm
I kissed my girl by the fac'try wall
           A   G           Bm
Dirty old town, dirty old town

Heard a siren comin' from the docks
Saw a train set the night on fire
I smelled the spring on the smoky wind
Dirty old town, dirty old town

Clouds are driftin' all across the moon
Cats are prowlin' all along their beat
Oh, spring's a girl in the streets at night
Dirty old town, dirty old town

I'm gonna make me a big sharp axe
Shinin' steel tempered in the fire
I'll chop you down like an old dead tree
Dirty old town, dirty old town

Drill Ye Tarriers (© Thomas Casey & Charles Connolly)

Ein Railroad-Song aus dem Jahr 1888, in unserer Version leicht "balkanmäßig" angehaucht. Der harte Alltag der irischen Arbeiter beim Bau der amerikanischen Eisenbahnen im 19. Jh. wird hier mit viel Galgenhumor besungen. Die "Tarriers" ware Arbeiter, die mit Sprengstoff hantierten.

Early one morning 'bout seven o'clock
There was twenty tarriers drilling at the rock
The boss came along and he says: keep still 
And come down heavy with your cast iron drill

     Am       E        Am              G        Am
And drill ye tarriers drill, drill ye tarriers drill
      Am       G           C 
It's work all day for the sugar in your tea 
Down behind the railway
     Am       E        Am     G   Am     G   Am
And drill ye tarriers drill, and blast, and fire

The boss was a fine man down on the ground
And he married a lady six feet round
She baked good bread and she baked it well
But she baked so hard as the hole of the hell

Now the new foreman was John McCann 
By God, he was a mighty hard man
Last week a primature blast went off 
And up in the sky went Big Jim Goff

Next time pay day came around
Jim Goff a dollar short was found
When he asked the reason, came this reply:
You were docked for the time you were up in the sky

End of the World (© Bob Geldof)

           C                        G
Though it strikes you as seeming a little absurd
I'm here to announce the end of the world
It'll happen sometime between now and high noon
It doesn't give you much time as it's happening real soon
It'll start with a whimper, it'll end with a bang
It'll leave a big hole where we could have sang

This is the end
The end of the world
For five thousand years
You must surely have heard
Nostradamus and Jesus and Buddah and me
We said it was coming
Now just wait and see

So everyone outside look up at the sky
It's the last time you'll see it so wave it goodbye
You took it for granted, you thought it was free
Say goodbye to the leaves, the trees, and the sea
There's nothing more useless than a car that won't start
But it's even more useless at the end of the world

This is the end ...

Fairytale Of New York (© Shane MacGowan/Jem Finer)

It was Christmas Eve, babe
In the drunk tank
An' old man said to me
Won't see another one
And then he sang a song
The Real Old Mountain Dew
And I turned my face away
And dreamed about you
Got on a lucky one
Came in eighteen to one
I've got a feeling
This year's for me and you
So Happy Christmas
I love you baby
I can see a better time
      G        A          D
When all our dreams come true



             D           G
They've got cars big as bars
             D         A
They've got rivers of gold
         D                G
But the wind goes right through you
          D            A
It's no place for the old
          D             G
When you first took my hand
      D              A
On a cold Christmas Eve
      D           G
You promised me Broadway
     A          D
Was waiting for me 

          D                   G
You were handsome, you were pretty
      D            A
Queen of New York City
          D              G
When the band finished playin'
      A              D
They howled out for more
   D          G
Sinatra was swinging
          D               A
All the drunks they were singing
    D           G
We kissed on a corner
      A                  D
Then danced through the night

         G                 A
And the boys of the NYPD choir
      D             Bm
Were singing Galway Bay
         D             G    A
And the bells were ringing out
For Christmas Day

          D             G
You're a bum, you're a punk
           D           A
You're an old slut on Junk
       D            G
Lying there almost dead
      A            D
On a drip in that bed
      D            G
You scum bag, you maggot
     D           A
You cheap lousy faggot
         D           G
Happy Christmas you arse
        A            D
I pray God it's our last

And the boys of the NYPD choir
Still singing Galway Bay
And the bells are ringing out
For Christmas Day

G  D  A D A

I could have been someone
Well so could anyone
You took my dreams from me
When I first found you
I kept them with me babe
I put them with my own
Can't make it all alone
                G      A     D
I've built my dreams around you

And the boys of the NYPD choir
Still singing Galway Bay
And the bells are ringing out
For Christmas Day

D G D A D G D A D G D A D G A D ...

Falling Slowly (© Glen Hansard)

C                  F
I don't know you, but I want you
C                 F
All the more for that
C                      F
Words fall through me, always fool me
C             F
And I can't react 

Am          G      F
Games that never amount
    G                 Am
To more than they're meant
      G               F
Will play themselves out  

C                  F
Take this sinking boat
And point it home
We've still got time
C                   F
Raise your hopeful voice
You had a choice
You've made it now 

Falling slowly, eyes that know me
And I can't go back
Moods that take me, and erase me
And I'm painted black 

You have suffered enough
And warred with yourself
It's time that you won 

Take this sinking boat…

Falling slowly
F             Am
Sing your melody
I'll sing it loud      

Farewell Johnny Miner (© Ed Pickford)

Johnny Miner you were born
Never to face the rising sun
Now it's time that you were gone
 G               Am
Farewell Johnny Miner

Farewell Durham, Yorkshire, too
Nottingham the same to you
New South Wales I bid adieu
Farewell Johnny Miner

 Em                    Em
Cheer up, John, don't take it hard
 Em             G
Unemployment's not so bad
They'll treat you well in the knackers yard
 G               Am
Farewell Johnny Miner

You battled with the sliding scales
Hands turn black and faces pale
Now your body's up for sale
Farewell Johnny Miner

They promised you the earth sometimes
To get the coal from the stinking mines
Now the payment for their crimes
Farewell Johnny Miner

Cheer up, John, don't take it hard ...

Johnny Miner you were born
Never to face the rising sun
Now it's time that you were gone
Farewell Johnny Miner

Farewell Durham, Yorkshire, too
Nottingham the same to you
New South Wales I bid adieu
Farewell Johnny Miner

Cheer up, John, don't take it hard ...

The Ferryman (© Pete St. John)

Aktueller denn je: Wie fühlt sich ein Mensch, dem mit seiner Arbeit sein vertrautes Umfeld und sein Selbstwertgefühl genommen wird?

        G                               C             G
Oh the little boats are gone from the breast of Anna Liffey
     C                            D
The ferrymen are stranded on the quay
          G                            C              G
Sure the Dublin docks are dying and a way of life is gone
     D                           G
And Molly it was part of you and me

            D                    C           G
Where the strawberry beds sweep down to the Liffey
     C                             D
You kiss away the worries from my brow
   G                         C               G
I love you well today and I love you more tomorrow
       D                            G
If you ever loved me Molly love me now

'Twas the only job I know, it was hard but never lonely
The Liffey ferry made a man of me
Now it's gone without a whisper half forgotten even now
And it's over, Molly, over can't you see

Where the strawberry beds ...

Now I'll never tend the yard and I'll spend my days in talkin'
And I'll hear them whisper Charlie's on the dole
But Molly we're still livin' and darling we're still young
And the river never owned me heart and soul

Where the strawberry beds ...

Fox on the Run (© Tony Hazzard)

Der Fuchs auf der Flucht hat wie die sprichwörtliche Katze mehrere Leben. Manfred Mann hat das Lied bekannt gemacht, Bluegrasser haben es gespielt. Hier nun die keltische Version. Aber die Todesfee (Banshee) klagt schon!

     G                  D            Am          C
She walked through the corn leading down to the river
     Am              D           C           G
Her hair shone like gold in the hot morning sun
     G            D           Am             C
She took all the love that a poor boy could give her
     Am         D          C          G
And left me to die like a fox on the run
Like a fox, like a fox, like a fox on the run

      C         G         D             G
Now everybody knows the reason for the fall
      C             G           Am         D 
When woman tempted man down in paradise's hall
      C            G       D             G 
That woman tempted me and took me for a ride
     C             G     D               G 
But like a lonely fox I need a place to hide

She walked through the corn  ...

We'll pour a glass of wine, boys, to fortify our souls
We'll talk about the world and the friends we used to know
I've seen a string of girls, who have put me on the floor
The game is nearly over, the hounds are at my door

She walked through the corn ...

Fox on the Run (© Nick Burbridge)

 G           C          G                            CAPO III
High on the hills far above the black town
            G            C        G            D
Where the clear streams fall and wind's never still
He flies through the air as he leaps from his lair
He knows no master and he never will

 G            C          G             D
See his bold eye as he flies with the lark
And the glint of his brush as he turns in the sun
Hear his fine bark as he mates in the dark
Claiming the life of the fox on the run

    G         (e)   C          G
   Fox on the run, fox on the run
    G            (e)         D          G
   Claiming the life of the fox on the run

But down in the valley they gather together
They're going to hunt the old fox on the hill
They'll beat him, they'll stun him, they'll set their hounds on him
For while he runs free he's a threat to them all

Doctors and teachers, lawyers and preachers,
Peelers, the stealers of life, they come on
He's the one for us, they rattle in chorus
We'll have the life of the fox on the run

   Fox on the run, fox on the run
   They'll have the life of the fox on the run

And now he hears the shrill horn in the glen
And he fears the evil of hounds and of men
Then he turns and stands like a god on the brow
Then he's off through the fields like a shot from a bow

Over fences and bracken but the hounds they don't slacken
With whips and with spurs they drive them along
Over fences and stiles he tires of the miles
Then they close in on the fox on the run

   Fox on the run, fox on the run
   Then they close in on the fox on the run

Now the race is all over and done
Dead in a ditch, his bones bleach in the sun
The hills are all silent, and the winds are all still
Ah but he knew no master and he never will

But down in the hall how they sing and they bawl
Never stopping for breath as they join in the fun
They've filled his skull full, nailed his brush to the wall
And they dance to the death of the fox on the run

   Fox on the run, fox on the run
   They dance to the death of the fox on the run

   Fox on the run, fox on the run
   Ah but I'll have the life of the fox on the run

From Clare To Here (© Ralph McTell)

            F               G
Oh there's four of us who share the room
    C                  G
We work hard for the brass
     F                  G
And getting up late on Sunday
   C            G
I never get to mass

        Dm         G                 C Em Am
It's a long, long way from Clare to here
        Dm         G        Em       Am
It's a long, long way from Clare to here
            F          G            C             Am
Oh, it's a long, long way, it gets further day by day
        Dm         G         Em      Am
It's a long, long way from Clare to here

When Friday night it comes around
I'm only in the fighting
My ma would like a letter home
But I'm too tired for writing

It's a long, long way from Clare to here ...

And the only time I feel alright
Is when I'm into drinking
It eases off my pain a bit
And levels out my thinking

It's a long, long way from Clare to here ...

Well it almost breaks my heart
When I think of Josephine
I promised I'd be coming back
With pockets full of green

It's a long, long way from Clare to here ...

And I dream I hear a piper play
Oh maybe it's a notion
I dream I see white horses
Dance on that other ocean

It's a long, long way from Clare to here ...

Go Move Shift (© Ewan MacColl Add. Christy Moore)

Born in the middle of an afternoon
      G                      D   Dm
In a horsedrawn wagon on the old A5
The big twelve wheeler shook my bed,
      G          Dm           G       Am
"You can't stay here", the policeman said,
        Dm         C       G          Am
"You'd better get born in some place else,
    Dm          C          Dm          C
So move along! Get along! Move along! Get along!
 B   C     Dm
Go! Move! Shift!"

Born in the tatie lifting time
In an old bow tent in a tatie field
The farmer said "The work's all done
It's time that you was moving on"

Born in a wagon on a building site
Where the ground was rutted by the trail of wheels
The local Christian said to me
"You'll lower the price of property"

Born at the back of a hawthorn hedge
Where the white hoarfrost lay all around
No eastern kings came bearing gifts
Instead the order came to shift

Six in the morning out in Inchicore
The guards came through the wagon door
John Maughan was arrested in the cold
A travelling boy just ten years old

Mary Joyce was living at the side of the road
No halting place and no fixed abode
The vigilantes came to the Darndale site
And they shot her son in the middle of the night

The Eastern sky was full of stars
And one shine brighter than the rest
The wise men came so stern and strict
And brought the orders to evict

Wagon, tent or trailer born
Last month, last year or in far off days
Born here or a thousand miles away
There's always men nearby who'll say

T:Go Move Shift
T:Moving On Song
C:Ewan MacColl/Christy Moore (Harmony Music)
D:Christy Moore "Live at the Point"
B:Connolly "The Christy Moore Songbook"
w: Born in the mid-dle of an af-ter-noon in a horse-drawn wa-gon on the
w: old A
w: 5_ The big twelve whee-ler shook my bed, "You
w: can't stay here", the po-lice-man said, "You'd
w: bet-ter get born in some place else,
w: Move a-long! Get a-long! Move a-long! Get a-long! Go! Move! Shift!"

Hallelujah (© Leonard Cohen)

G   Em   G   Em

      G                 Em
I've heard there was a secret chord
      G                     Em
That David played, and it pleased the Lord
     C                D              G       D
But you don't really care for music, do you?
    G                   C           D
It goes like this, the fourth, the fifth
     Em              C
The minor fall, the major lift
     D               H7          Em
The baffled king composing Hallelujah

      C           Em
Hallelujah, Hallelujah
      C           G D G
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

Your faith was strong but you needed proof
You saw her bathing on the roof
Her beauty in the moonlight overthrew you
She tied you to a kitchen chair
She broke your throne, and she cut your hair
And from your lips she drew the Hallelujah

You say I took the name in vain
I don't even know the name
But if I did, well, really, what's it to you?
There's a blaze of light in every word
It doesn't matter which you heard
The holy or the broken Hallelujah

I did my best, it wasn't much
I couldn't feel, so I tried to touch
I've told the truth, I didn't come to fool you
And even though it all went wrong
I'll stand before the Lord of Song
With nothing on my tongue but Hallelujah

Hard Currency (© )

In a hired car we drove up to the border
They checked our passports there and it was all in order
The rain it fell like clockwork, 
The High Tatras shone like tinfoil
We laughed to travel so well, we drove around a corner
And on a roadside there, 
Two young girls dressed up & willing
A hard life lived in crowns 
With dreams of dollars, deutschmarks, schillings
Just looking for, looking for a chance to deal in Hard...

She picked my guide book up,  
She read down the page then
The bit about her town, 
Oh the place that she was raised in
She told me where she worked, 
About her mum and her dad
She looked back at my guide book, 
She said ‘Ah fuck, it’s not that bad’
The talk turned to other places, 
Shiny, brighter, better billing
Not the town where she came from, 
What did I care about her feelings?
Just knowing she might never get the chance to deal in...

In a tiny bar, the television flickered
The drinkers lay about, man, 
It looked like a truck had hit them
Outside the snow was falling & all the wind was blowing
All the years of dirt and drinking 
Could not compete with knowing
Then an ad for Pepsi-Cola 
Made them look and sent them reeling
Clean white nymphs on beaches
Left them with a sinking feeling
Just knowing they would never get a chance to deal in...

If You Stay (© Heidi Talbot)

        G               Em7                     Em7 024030
In the window down the meadow
A path of silver moonbeam
Slips through winter snowflakes
Like a dream

Our small hearthfire
Warms the world tonight
And I get to thinking you and me
Maybe we could better make our way
If you stay

I need your simple healing touch
Need your power, need your love
Inside me to guide me
I know it won't be easy
But I promise to be with you
Come what may

If you stay here, there'll be no fear
If we bend we'll never have to break
We'll work things out and it'll be ok
If you stay

Em7   C   G

I need your simple healing touch …

If you stay …

If You Want Me (© Markéta Irglová)

Are you really here
Or am I dreaming
I can't tell dreams from truth
For it's been so long
Since I have seen you
I can hardly remember your face anymore
When I get really lonely
And the distance causes only silence
I think of you smiling
With pride in your eyes
A lover that sighs

If you want me, satisfy me
If you want me, satisfy me

Are you really sure
That you'd believe me
When others say I lie
I wonder if you could
Ever despise me
You know I really try
To be a better one to satisfy you
For you're everything to me
And I'll do what you ask me
If you let me be free

If you want me …

In The Bleak Midwinter (© T.: C. Rossetti / M.: G. Holst)

Ein Weihnachtsgedicht der englischen Dichterin Christina Rossetti, geschrieben 1872. Vertont 1906 vom Komponisten Gustav Holst. Wir singen nur die erste und letzte Strophe.

In the bleak midwinter
Frosty wind made moan
Earth stood hard as iron
A              A
Water like a stone
Snow had fallen, snow on snow
D                  A
Snow and snow and snow
In the bleak midwinter
A           D
Long long ago

What can I give him
Poor as I am?
If I were a shepherd
I would bring a lamb
If I were a wise man
I would do my part
Yet what I can I give Him —
Give my heart.

The Last Song (© Kerlin)

(2nd fret on guitar)

 Am   G   Dm   F G 
 Am   G   Dm   F  G  Am   ( - Am G)

F   C  Am   G
F   C   D7   G
F   C  Am   G
F   C   G     Am   (Am G - Am   F G)

Another rainy day, another day on the road,
another fast food place, another day on my own,
another hotel room in another town,
another day when you really 
long to be home.

And I think of my love, does she miss me as I miss her?
Being  all alone is such a sad affair.    
Another 80 miles to go, now I’m running late,
I really love to sing and play, 
it’s the loneliness that I hate

When the last song is through and the last tune is played,
when the candle on your table tells  you that it’s late,
when the last song is through and the last tune is played
it’s time for me to leave you,
hope to see you again.

And then I get to the town I’ll be playing tonight.
Not much time to rehearse, straight into the light.
I sing my songs about Ireland, 
about the world and you and me,
fill your hearts with music, 
this seems like a nice place to be

Sometimes I feel lonely, sometimes I feel sad
but to hear you people sing with me doesn’t feel so bad.
For music in fine company is such a precious thing,
so let’s do it one more time, 
come on, you people - let us sing!

The Last Song (© Schmidt)

G                 D                   Em               C        [Capo II]
This will be our last song, this will be our last goodbye
      Am               G                                D
Take care of yourself everywhere and hold your head up high
     G                D               Em                C
The moon is shining clearly and the stars are shining bright
Am                D               G     (D)
This will be our last song for tonight

When I'm old and doddery and my race is almost run
Will you ever think of me, will you miss me when I'm gone
Forget all pain and sorrows, come and rest here by my side
This will be our last song for tonight

      C                   Am          G              D
Last night I dreamed the waters came rushing to and fro
     Am           C          Em             D
The siren gave a warning, I watched my body go
     C            Am          G             D
The sea began to roll in, oh god, I cannot land
   Am                 C               D
I heard a loud voice calling: Please save this drowning man!

This will be our last song, this will be our last goodbye ...
                                  Em   C D G
This will be our last song for tonight

T:Last Song, The
w: This will be our last song, this will be our last good bye, Take
w: care of your-self ev-ry-where and hold your head up high,
w: The moon is shin-ing clear-ly and the stars are shin-ing bright,
w: This will be the last song for to-night

Lullaby of London (© Shane MacGowan)

   C                     Am
As I walked down by the riverside 
     F               C
One evening in the spring 
         C                   Am
Heard a long gone song from days gone by  
      F                      C
Blown in on the great north wind  

             F               C
Though there is no lonesome corncrake's cry    
    Am           F
Of sorrow and delight  
         C                     Am
You can hear the cars and the shouts from bars 
         F                C
And the laughter and the fights

          F                           C
May the ghosts that howled round the house at night    
       Am                  F
Never keep you from your sleep 
          C                       Am
May they all sleep tight down in hell tonight  
         F              C
Or where ever they may be

F C F C .....

As I walked on with a heavy heart
A stone danced on the tide
And the  song went on though the lights were gone
And the North wind gently sighed

And an evening breeze coming from the East
That kissed the riverside
So I pray now child that you sleep tonight
When you hear this lullaby

May the wind that blows from haunted graves
Never bring you misery
May the angels bright watch you tonight
And keep you while you sleep

More Than Just a Dram (© Robin Laing)

Robert Burns (1759-96) used to hold the thankless position of a tax collector ("thae curst horseleeches o' th' Excise"). This, however, was only by day; for at night time he would sing the praise of the Gaelic "water of life", or else he could never have figured as the Scottish national bard. The verses recited at the beginning stem from one of his poems, Scotch Drink.

Thae curst horseleeches o' th' Excise
Wha mak the whisky stells their prize -
Haud up thy hand, deil! Ance - twice - thrice!
There, seize the blinkers!
An' bake them up in brunstane pies
For poor damn'd drinkers

Take clear water from the hill
And barley from the lowlands
        Am                  F
Take a master craftsman's skill
               C           G
And something harder to define
      F      (G)      C                Am
Like secrets in the shape of coppered still
        F           G             C
Or the slow silent magic work of time

G                 Am           F
Whisky you're the devil in disguise
At least to some that's the way it seems
            F                        C
But you're more like an angel in my eyes
                 Am              G
Catch the heady vapours as they rise
And turn them into dreams

Bring home Sherry casks from Spain
Sanlucar de Barrameda
And fill them up again
With the spirit of the land
Then let the wood work to the spirit's gain
In a process no one fully understands

Whisky you're the devil in disguise ...

For the spirit starts out clear
But see the transformation
After many patient years 
When at last the tail unfolds
For the colours of the seasons will appear
From paleless yellow to the deepest gold

Whisky you're the devil in disguise ...

When you hold it in your hand
It's the pulse of one small nation
So much more than just a dram
You can see it if you will
The people and the weather and the land
The past into the present is distilled

Whisky you're the devil in disguise ...

T:More Than Just A Dram
N:Scotch Drink / More Than Just A Dram
C:Robin Laing (Grian Music)
D:Deoch an Dorais "Calliope", Robin Laing "The Angel's Share"
A2G(E E)DCD|E3G (A2A)E E4||

My Baby Needs A Shepherd (© Emmylou Harris)

My baby needs a shepherd
She's lost out on the hill
Too late I tried to call her
When the night was cold and still
And I tell myself Ill find her
But I know I never will
My baby needs a shepherd
She's lost out on the hill

My baby needs an angel
She never learned to fly
She'll not reach sanctuary
Just by looking to the sky
I guess I could have carried her
But I didn't even try
My baby needs an angel
She never learned to fly

Oh I ran so far through a broken land
I was following that drummer
Beating in a different band
And somewhere on the highway
I let go of her hand
Now she's gone forever
Like her footprints in the sand

Toora loora loora lo
First the seed and then the rose
Toora loora loora li
My kingdom for a lullaby

My baby needs a pilot
She has no magic wand
To help her part the troubled waters
Of the Rubicon
But in my soul I know shell
Have to go this one alone
After all that is only way she's ever known

But there is no lamp in all this dark
That could chase away her shadow
From the corners of my heart
I pray she's ride a dolphin
But she's swimming with the shark
Out where none can save her
Not even Noah and his ark

Toora loora loora lo
To the cradle comes the crow
Toora loora loora li
My kingdom for a lullaby

My baby needs a mother
To love her till the end
Up every rugged mountain
And down every road that bends
Sometimes I hear her cryin
But I guess its just the wind
My baby needs a mother
To love her till the end

Never Grow Old (© James C. Moore)

Diese um 1914 verfasste Hymne des Baptistenpredigers James C. Moore (1888-1962) ist ein Song für die Bühne, wenn alle mitsingen. Dann durchaus mit Gänsehautgarantie.

Oh you've heard of a land on a far away strand 
          F         C           G
It's the beautiful home of the soul
Built by Jesus on high where we never shall die 
          F                Am    G    C
It's the land where we'll never grow old

            F               C
Never grow old, never grow old
                         Am         G     C
In the land where we'll never grow old 
            F               C
Never grow old, never grow old
                         Am    G    C
In the land where we'll never grow old

In that beautiful home where we never more roam
We shall be in that sweet by and by
Happy praise to the King through eternity sing
It's the land where we never shall die

When our work here is done and the life crown is won 
When our troubles and trials are o'er
All our sorrows will end and our voices will blend 
With the loved onces who've gone on before

No Change (© Levellers)

         D                      Am
Can you hear the sound of the whistle and the drum
 C  G         D
Passing then fade
Can you hear the sound of chanting in the streets
Screaming for better days
You've heard it all, yes, we've all heard it all
So tell me what has changed
You've seen it all, yes, we've all seen it all
So tell me what has changed

         Em      D        C
And the palace stays the same
          Em D         C
Only the guards ever changed

    G      D
So lay me down
    G      D
Oh lay me down
      Am     G
Yeah lay me down
    C      G
Oh lay me down
So lay me down
Oh lay me down
Yeah lay me down
Oh lay me down

You've heard the singer sing protest songs
Telling us what is wrong
You've read the books that say where to look
But where's the answer gone
You've seen it all, yes, we've all seen it all
So tell me what has changed
You've read it all, yes, we've all read it all
So tell me what has changed

And the palace ...

So lay me down ...

Can you hear the sound of the whistle and the drum
Passing then fade

North and South of the River (© Christy Moore/Bono/The Edge)

           G       D
I want to reach out over the loch
And feel your hand across the water
 G                       D
Walk with you along an unapproved road
Not lookin' over my shoulder
G             D               Em                   C
I want to see, I want to hear, to understand your fear
           G         D            C
But we're north and south of the river

I've been doing it wrong all of my life
This holy town has turned me over
A man on the run from what he didn't understand
As the wind from the Lough blew colder and colder
There was a badness that had it's way
Love was not lost it just got mislaid
North and south of the river
North and south of the river

Can we stop playing these old tattoos
Darling I don't have the answer
I want to meet you where you are
I don't need you to surrender
There is no feeling so alone
As when the one you're hurting is your own
North and south of the river

G                    D
Some high ground is not worth taking
Em                    C
Some connections are not worth making
There's an old church bell no longer ringing
And some old songs are not worth singing
North and south of the river
North and south of the river

No Tie Ups (© Struan Eaglesham)

Eine einfühlsame Ballade der schottischen Folkrock-Gruppe Wolfstone über das Meer, über Fischer und ihre Existenzängste in Zeiten von Fangquoten und Fabrikschiffen.

Fishermen don't put your boats out to sea
  G                     A
There's a storm on the rise
The tide's on the turn and the wind's come away
         G        A           D
There's turmoil ahead in the sky

It could be a day or a week or an age
As we wait for the gale to come round
There's mouth to be fed and there's bills to be paid
Before we return to the ground

 G         D     G        D
Roll the ocean, roll the sea
 G         D     e G      D
Roll the ocean, roll the sea

Living's not easy with quotas cut down
And prices so low on the key
To sell up and move on could be the best way
If we knew more than life on the sea

As the trawlers have all got their satcom and sonar
It's hard toil with hauler and creel
And the smaller boats forced into treacherous waters
The inner lochs long ago gleened

Roll the ocean, roll the sea ...

The ocean's a safe place for each man and all
It treated with care and respect
But with tie-ups and curfews enforced in more sectors
You've got to change fate on the decks

Captain and crew are all one and the same
When it comes down to sharing the pay
For the harder your toil and the longer your steam
The more chance of taking a wage

Roll the ocean, roll the sea ...

One (© Bono/U2)

Is it getting better, or do you feel the same 
Will it make it easier on u, now u got someone to blame 

You say: One love, one life 
When it`s one need in the night 
It's one love  we get to share it 
It leaves you baby if you don`t care for it 

Did I disappoint you, or leave a bad taste in your mouth 
You act like u never had love & u want me to go without 

Well it`s too late tonight 
To drag the past out into the light 
We`re one but we`re not the same 
We get to carry each other carry each other 

Have you come here for forgiveness 
Have you come to raise the dead 
Have you come here to play Jesus 
To the lepers in your head 

Did I ask too much, more than a lot 
You gave me nothing, now it`s all I got 
We`re one, but we`re not the same 
We hurt each other then we do it again 

You say: Love is a temple, love a higher love 
Love is a temple, love the higher law 
You ask me to enter but then you make me crawl 
And I can`t be holding on to what you got 
When all you got is hurt 

One love, one blood 
One life, you got to do what you should 
One life with each other 
Sisters, brothers 

One life but we`re not the same 
We get to carry each other, carry each other 

Over Yonder (© Steve Earle)

The warden said he'd mail my letter
The chaplain's waitin' by the door
Tonight we'll cross the yard together
Then they can't hurt me anymore

  And I am going over yonder
  Where no ghost can follow me
  There's another place beyond here
  Where I'll be free I believe

Give my radio to Johnson
Thibodeaux can have my fan
Send my Bible home to Mama
Call her every now and then

  And I am going over yonder...

I suppose I got it comin'
I can't ever pay enough
All my rippin' and a runnin'
I hurt everyone I loved

The world'll turn around without me
The sun'll come up in the east
Shinin' down on all of them that hate me
I hope my goin' brings 'em peace

  And I am going over yonder ...

A Pair of Brown Eyes (© Shane MacGowan)

One summer evening drunk to hell
   Am               C
I sat there nearly lifeless
An old man in the corner sang
   C                    Am
Where the water lilies grow
And on the jukebox Johnny sang
  Am                  C
About a thing called love
          G          Am        C          G
And it's how are you kid and what's your name
     C                    Am
And how would you bloody know

In blood and death 'neath a screaming sky
I lay down on the ground
And the arms and legs of other men
Wee scattered all around
Some cursed, some prayed, some prayed, then cursed
Then prayed then bled some more
And the only thing that I could see
Was a pair of brown eyes that was looking at me
But when we got back labelled parts one to three
There was no pair of brown eyes waitung for me

And a-roving, a-roving, a-roving I'll go
A-roving, a-roving, a-roving I'll go
A-roving, a-roving, a-roving I'll go
For a pair of brown eyes
       C        D    G
For a pair of brown eyes

I looked at him, he looked at me
All I could do was hate him
While Ray and Philomena sang
Of my elusive dreams
I saw the streams the rolling hills
Where his brown eyes were waiting
And I thought about a pair of brown eyes
That waited once for me

And a-roving ...

So drunk to hell I left the place
Sometimes crawling, sometimes walking
A hungry sound came across the breeze
So I gave the walls a talking
I heard the sounds of long ago
Down from the old canal
And the birds were whistling in the trees
Where the wind was gently laughing

T:A Pair of Brown Eyes
C:Shane MacGowan (Stiff Music)
D:Christy Moore "Unfinished Revolution", The Pogues "Rum, Sodomy & The Lash"
GE|"G"D3 E2D|"Am"E3 A2A|"C"A3 G2E|"G"G4 E2|
w: And a-ro-ving, a-ro-ving, a-ro-vin I'll go, A-
"G"D3 E2D|"Am"E3 A2A|"C"A3 G2E|"G"G4 GA|
w: ro-ving, a-ro-ving, a-ro-vin I'll go, And a-
"G"B3 c2B|"Am"A3 B2A|"C"G3 A2F|"G"G4 AB|
w: ro-ving, a-ro-ving, a-ro-vin I'll go, For a
"C"c4 B2|A4 G2|"Am"E6|z4 AB|
w: pair of brown_ eyes, For a
"C"c4 B2|"D"A4 F2|"G"G6||
w: pair of brown_ eyes

Poor Johnny Coal (© Gary Miller)

Em                   Bm
I stood down in the valley
 G                D          G
Gazing up to the top of the hill
 Em                       Bm
Where I saw the lines of marching men
      D      Bm       Em
With faces black and grim

But the vision quickly faded
Before my burning eyes
And I came back to reality
As the thunder rent the skies

    G        C            D            G
But we will wait until a new bairn is born
     G          C         D            G
And raise our glasses to herald a new dawn
        G          C                  D         Em
We'll toast a new saviour but at the same time mourn
 G    D      G     G    D      Em
Poor Johnny Coal, poor Johnny Coal

I stumbled into the old village
Rubbed the tiredness out of my eyes
And gazing up into the dawn light
Saw young birds high up in the skies
And from the rows of houses
Came women collecting their milk
Clutching the bottles to their breasts
Like a bairn who's belly's been filled

But we will wait until a new bairn is born ...

Three wise men came bearing gifts
They were following a star
It lit up all their hopes and dreams
As they journeyed from afar
Are they three wise monkeys
Or really three wise men
Just turn your back and walk away
Keep counting up to ten

But we will wait until a new bairn is born ...

T:Poor Johnny Coal
w: And we will wait til a new bairn is born, And
w: raise our glas-ses to her-ald a new dawn, We'll
w: toast a new sav-iour but at the same time mourn:
w: Poor John-ny Coal_ Poor John-ny Coal_

Round and Round (© Tommy Sands)

Nach einem Gedanken von Samuel Beckett: Nichts verändert sich jemals wirklich auf dieser Welt. Die einzigen, die etwas verändern könnten, sind wir selbst. Wenn wir es denn wollten!

 C                                 G   Em
Round and round and up and down we go again
   C                                G        D
I left my coat behind and now it's going to rain
 C                  G         Em
January, February, March and then
 D              C      D
Monday morning yawns again

Remember Mary Ellen, did I mention her before?
She said she never never wants to see me anymore
Suppose I knew her answer would be like just before
But there was I this morning a-knockin' on her door

Ah cursed be the whiskey, it's going to my head
Last night I was so drunk that I kept falling out of bed
If ever I get sober, l'll never drink again
Except for just another one to ease away the pain

The rich are getting richer and the poor are always poor
Despite all those collections every Christmas at your door
It's the bloody politicians, they are the ones to blame
And at the next elections we'll all vote them back again

I must be over ninety now, I cannot walk alone
I'm creeping round the bed post like a child that's only one
I spilt my breakfast round meself despite me grandson's frown
I hope that things have changed a bit next time I come around

Safe Home (© John Smith)

Safe home, safe home, safe home will you go.
May the light of the moon smile down on your road.
Safe home, safe home, safe home will you go,
Until I next see you, safe home will you go.

We've come through the valleys, we've come through the fields,
We've cross over rivers,
To find ourselves here.
We sang songs of sorrow, we sang songs of love,
Let's sing one more together,
To send ourselves off.

We've laid down our worries, our troubles, our fears,
Like shells on the strand washed by laughter and tears.
But the tide has returned now,
To carry lift us away,
Back to our houses and families we pray.

Well the fiddles are quiet, the whistles all still,
Only echoes remain from the jigs and the reels.
The dance floor is empty,
Our farewells are all said.
Now it's time to be going,
and 'til we all meet again.

Sally MacLennane (© Shane MacGowan)

Well Jimmy played harmonica in the pub where I was born
He played it from the night time to the peaceful early morn
He soothed the souls of psychos and the men who had the horn
And they all looked very happy in the morning

Now Jimmy didn't like his place in this world of ours
Where the elephant man broke strong men's necks
When he'd had too many powers
So sad to see the grieving of the people that he's leaving
And he took the road for God knows in the morning

We walked in to the station in the rain
We kissed him as we put him on the train
And we sang him a song of times long gone
Though we knew that we'd be seeing him again

Oh, sad to say I must be on my way
So buy me beer and whiskey cos I'm going far away
I'd like to think of me returning when I can
To the greatest little boozer and to Sally MacLennane

The years passed by, the times had changed I grew to be a man
I learned to love the virtues of sweet Sally MacLennane
I took the jeers and drank the beers and crawled back home at dawn
And ended up a barman in the morning

I played the pump and took the hump and watered whiskey down
I talked of whores and horses to the men who drank the brown
I heard them say that Jimmy's making money far away
Some people left for heaven without warning

We walked in to the station in the rain ...

When Jimmy came back home he was surprised that they were gone
He asked me all the details of the train that they went on
Some people they are scared to croak but Jimmy drank until he choked
And took the road for heaven in the morning

We walked in to the station in the rain ...

Scarlet Ribbons (© Paul Simmonds)

Walkin' through the streets
To the top of the town
Banshee winds and boreen
The people gather 'round
There's been gunfire, there's been drinkin'
You can hear the victory voice
On the chapel door and the court house
The posters say: Rejoice

Ribbons, scarlet ribbons
They're a-sailin' in the sun
Ribbons, scarlet ribbons
There's one for ev'ryone

There's one on the tree at the edge of the park
Two in the hair of the girls in the dark
Three on the soldier whose medals he shows
A fusion of colours oh just like a rose

Ribbons, scarlet ribbons
They're a-sailin' in the sun
Ribbons, scarlet ribbons
There's one for ev'ryone

On the bells of celebration
In the bedrooms of all nations
On a lonely isle so cold and bare
Lies a dead soldier so fresh and red

Ribbons, scarlet ribbons
They're a-sailin' in the sun
Ribbons, scarlet ribbons
There's one for ev'ryone

Shining Clear (© Robert Louis Stevenson / Alan Reid)

A mile an' a bittock, a mile or twa,
Abune the burn, ayont the law,
Davie an' Donal' an' Cherlie an' a',
An' the mune was shinin' clearly!

Ane went hame wi' the ither, an' then
The ither went hame wi' the ither twa men,
An' baith wad return him the service again,
An' the mune was shinin' clearly!

 It's oot the barn and o'er the hill,
 Through the dark, and there's the still,
 A cup in yer hand an' drink yer fill,
 And the moon was shinin' clear.

The clocks were chappin' in house an' ha',
Eleeven, twal an' ane an' twa;
An' the guidman's face was turnt to the wa',
An' the mune was shinin' clearly!

A wind got up frae affa the sea,
It blew the stars as clear's could be,
It blew in the een of a' o' the three,
An' the mune was shinin' clearly!

Noo, Davie was first to get sleep in his head,
"The best o' frien's maun twine," he said;
"I'm weariet, an' here I'm awa' to my bed."
An' the mune was shinin' clearly!

Twa o' them walkin' an' crackin' their lane,
The mornin' licht cam gray an' plain,
An' the birds they yammert on stick an' stane,
An' the mune was shinin' clearly!

O years ayont, O years awa',
My lads, ye'll mind whate'er befa'-
My lads, ye'll mind on the bield o' the law,
When the mune was shinin' clearly.

Sister and Brother (© Kieran Halpin)

Leises Lied über Leben, Liebe, Enttäuschungen und die Erkenntnis, dass es ohne wirkliche Freunde nicht geht!

   C             F
I come from the dark side
Brought up on the spring tide
Left home with a young girls pride
               C           F          C
l've laboured long on the lessons of love

              F                     C
No head, no grieving, no hurt, no bleeding,
              G                     F  C
No heart, no feeling, no faith, no healing
                   B F
And if you need a lover,
Please look no further
We need each other
                Dm  C
Like sister and brother

The night life was sleazy
Words came so easy 
Songs came to free me
From the cold hard lessons of love

With my head full of dreaming
For no rhyme nor reason
I fell for not heeding
The warning in the lessons of love

Song for Ireland (© Phil and June Colclough)

 C               G                                  [Capo II]
Walking all the day
      Dm                G                   C
Near tall towers where falcons build their nests
 C                  G
Silver winged they fly
      Dm               G                 C
They know the call of freedom in their breasts
 F                          G
Saw Black Head against the sky
       C                                  G
Where twisted rocks they run down to the sea

 F              C
Living on your western shore
Saw summer sunsets, I asked for more
    F              C      G
I stood by your Atlantic Sea
     Dm     Am      F G C
And sang a song for Ireland

Talking all the day
With true friends who try to make you stay
Telling jokes and news
Singing songs to pass the time away
Watched the Galway salmon run
Like silver dancing, darting in the sun

Living on your western shore ...

Drinking all the day
In old pubs where fiddlers love to play
Saw one touch the bow
He played a reel that seemed so grand and gay
Stood on Dingle Beach and cast
In wild foam we found Atlantic bass

Living on your western shore ...

Dreaming in the night
I saw a land where no one had to fight
Waking in your dawn
I saw you crying in the morning light
Sleeping where the falcons fly
They twist and turn all in your air blue sky

Living on your western shore
Saw summer sunsets, I asked for more
I stood by your Atlantic Sea
       Dm     Am      F G Am
And I sang a song for Ireland

T:Song for Ireland

Song With No Name (© Anon.)

When I first came to London
I had nothing in the bank
I had 10 pounds in me pocket
Until it was drank
And I had a name and number
He said he'd treat me well
I'd get to start on Monday
With digs in a hotel
On the boat that took me over
Me thirst was raging hell
A man said he'd buy me a drink
If I sang Bonnie Bell
And I took out me six-string
And I sang across the waves
Of bonnie bells and shitty smells
And old men filling graves

Oho, buy me a drink and I'll sing you a song
The more that you buy me the more I'll play on

I landed down in London
In the underground
I had to dodge me ticket
To save meself a pound
I might need it for cigarettes
Or maybe something else
Like the entrance fee to an Irish pub
With whiskey on the shelf
And I'll walk in there all anxious
I'll walk up to the bar
I'll then take off me jacket
And I'll then get my jigtar
A man he said: Hey Tom
Oh we got ourselves a star
Knock off that fucking jukebox
And give that man a jar

Still Got The Blues (© Gary Moore)

Used to be so easy to give my heart away
But I found out the hard way
There's a price you have to pay
I found out that love, was no friend of mine
I should have known time after time

So long, it was so long ago
But I've still got the blues for you

Used to be so easy to fall in love again
But I found out the hard way
It's a road that leads to pain
I found that love, was more than just a game
You're playin' to win, but you lose just the same

So long, it was so long ago
But I've still got the blues for you

So many years, since I've seen your face
But here in my heart, there's an empty space
Where you used to be

So long, it was so long ago
But I've still got the blues for you

Though the days come and go
There is one thing I know
I've still got the blues for you

The Sound of Whiskey (© Walkin' Tom) / Streams of Whiskey (© Shane MacGowan)

Rain's pouring down, cars rushing by
The whores are willin', I feel like cryin'
I strike some chords, can't stop the blues
Try to sing a love song, but it never goes
"Give us a tune, lad", oh I don't hear
The sound of whiskey in my ear
How hard I'm tryin', it won't disappear
The sound of whiskey in my ear

But … last night as I slept
I dreamed I met with Behan
I shook him by the hand
And we passed the time of day
When questioned on his views, 
On the crux of life’s philosophies
He had but these few
Clear and simple words to say

I am going, I am going
Any which way the wind may be blowing
Where streams of whiskey are flowing

I have cursed, bled and sworn
Jumped bail and landed up in jail
Life has often tried to stretch me
But the rope always went slack
And now that I’ve a pile
I’ll go down to the Chelsea
I’ll walk in on my Feet
But I’ll leave there on my back

Oh the words that he spoke
Seemed the wisest of philosophies
There’s nothing ever gained
By a wet thing called a tear
When the world is too dark
And I need the light inside of me
I’ll go into a bar and drink fifteen pints of beer

Terror Time (© Ewan MacColl)

Heather will fade, and the bracken will die
Streams will run cold and clear
And the birds theywill be going
And it's then you will be knowing
That the terror time is near

And will you go now, or will you bide
Now that the work's all done
And the farmer doesn't need you
And the council will not heed you
And the terror time is come

The woods give no shelter, the trees they are bare
Snow falling all around
And the children they are crying
For the bed on which they're lying
Is frozen to the ground

The snow will not lift, and the star will not draw
There's ice in the waterchurn
Through the mud and snow you're sloshing
Trying to do a bit of washing
And the kindling will not burn

Needing the warmth of your own human kind
You draw near to the town
But the sight of you's offending
For the police they soon are sending
And you're on the road again

The Voyage (© Johnny Duhan)

T:The Voyage
C:Johnny Duhan
D:Christy Moore, "The Collection"
K:C major
P:Intro (Mandoline)
"F"fe fA cd | "G"c2B2AE | "Em"GE GB AG | "Am"A2G2E2 | "Am/G"C2 GA cB | "F"c2A2GF |
 -F2D2CB, | "G"DE FA GF | "C"EF GA GD | GA GF ED | EF ED C2 | -C4 z2 |]
"C"C3-CEG | "G"AG2z3 | "F"A3GF2 | "C"G6 | z3 z2C | "Am"c2c-c2c | "Em"BA2-A zG |\
w: I_ am a sai-lor, you're my first mate. We signed on_ to-ge-ther,_ we 
"F"AG2-G2E | "G"D6 | z3z2 C | "F"c2c-c2c | "G"BA2-A zG |"F"AA2 GFG | "C"-G6 | z6 |\
w: coupl-ed_ our fate. We hauled up_ our an-chor,_ de-ter-mined not to fail._
C3EG2 | "G"AG2-G2E | "F"D/C/C2-C2D | "C"C6 | "Repeat for 2nd Verse"-C3z2 ||
w: For the heart's trea-sure_ to-geth-er we_ set sail._
"Em"B3-B2B/B/ | "Am"cA2-A7/2A/ | "Em"B3-B2d/B/ | "Am"c6 |
w: Life_ is an o-cean,_ and love_ is a boat.
"Dm"c2A3F | ED2-D2C | "F"DC2-C2D | "G"B,6 | z3z GG | 
w:In trou-bled wa-ters_ it keeps us_ a-float. When we 
"F"A2A-A2A | "G"BB3 BB | "Em"B2G2E2 | "Am"c6- | "Am/G"c6 | 
w: star-ted_ the voy-age there was just me and you._ 
"F"C4D>E | DC2 z2E |"G"D3 CB,2 | "C"C6 | -C3z3 |z6|z6|]
w: Now, gath-ered 'round us, we have our own crew._
W: 2. With no maps to guide us we steered our own course.
W: We rode out the storms, when the winds were gale force.
W: We sat out the doldrums in patience and hope.
W: Working together, we learnt how to cope.
W: 3. Together we're in this relationship.
W: We've built it with care to last the whole trip.
W: Our true destination is not marked on any chart.
W: We're navigating for the shores of the heart.
% from
P: Fiddle (Mandolin) on Verse
E6 | D6 | F3ED2 | C6 | -C4z2 | A6 | G6 | F3EC2 | B,6 | -B,3 z DG |
A6 | G6 | F3GF2 | E4C2 | G,A, CA, CD | E3GE2 | D3E D2 | F3ED2 | C6 | -C6 |]

Walking into Battle with the Lord (© Chumbawamba?)

A new crusade to the Holy Land 
An army of men under my command 
Fight the good fight here at home 
Send those men to kingdom come

Take my aim wth a higher will 
Trust my Lord to hold me still 
Say amen and shoot to kill
Walking into Battle with the Lord

With open arms on Judgement Day
Teach the children how to pray
Faithful, blind, we all believe
I was taught by Adam but I blame it on Eve

All my words in kindness came 
Your souls in mercy to reclaim 
Cleanse this world of sin and shame 
Walking into Battle with the Lord

Holy father, Mother Tongue 
Manna from heaven, right from wrong 
Take my place on the witness stand 
Trigger fingers, praying hands

When two men meet on the field of war 
They both ask „what are we fighting for?" 
And „haven't we heard this all before?" 
Walking into Battle with the Lord

Weathered by the Whiskey (© Alan Glen)

Corofin, Co. Clare, 25 October 1997, on the way from the "Corofin Arms" to "Cahir's": A one-man band tootling "Living Next Door to Alice", and an old man, blissful with the firewater, murmuring a friendly "how-are-you" while pissing between the parked cars - "Naturally, Irish culture does not solely consist of whiskey", as journalist Luke Clancy once tried to explain to a French taxi driver. "Oh no, certainly not", the latter replied, "there is beer, too, of course, isn't there?"


Weathered by the whiskey
And the pack of cigarettes he smoked today
He sits there at the bar
Every sip he has takes him away
See now he's a younger man
The world is his, he can't go wrong
Sometimes I wonder if his life gets better
As the night goes on

Em          G           D
 So set him up another round
 To keep his dream alive
Em                 G
 We'll raise our glasses
 And we'll sing with him
                D  G  A
 For Auld Lang Syne
                D  G  A
 For Auld Lang Syne

I watch his pantomime
He reminds me of a friend of mine
He speaks to shadows from another time
They keep him smiling
And from across the bar
I try to figure out who they are
Morning must be bitter
When he wakes to find himself alone

So set him up another round ...

And when the bars are closed
He says Goodbye to all his childhood friends
I think I hear them sigh
They wait for him to bring them back again
He stumbles in the street
He pisses in the parking lot
And after all he's done
Those memories are all he's got

So set him up another round ...

Should auld acquaintance be forgot and never brought to mind,
Should auld acquaintance be forgot and the days of auld lang syne,
For auld lang syne, my dear, for auld lang syne,
We'll take a cup of kindness yet for auld lang syne

T:Auld Lang Syne
B:Frank "", Loesberg "The Scottish Songs of Robert Burns"
A|"D"d>d "Bm"df|"Em"e>d "A"ef|"D"d>d "D7"fa|"G"b3b|
Should auld ac-quaint-tance be for-got and ne-ver brought to mind, should
"D"a>f "Bm"fd|"Em"e>d "A"e f/e/|"Bm"d>B "Em"B"A"A|"D"d3"G"b|
auld ac-quaint-tance be for-got and the days of auld lang syne, For
"D"a>f "Bm"fd|"Em"e>d "A"ef|"D"a>f "D7"fa|"G"b3b|
auld_ lang_ syne, my dear, for auld_ lang_ syne, We'll
"D"a>f "Bm"fd|"Em"e>d "A"e"F#"f|"Bm"d>B "Em"B"A"A|"D"d3||
take a cup of kind-ness yet for auld_ lang_ syne.

We Had It All (© Mike Hanrahan)

Viele wehmütige Abschiede in den Strophen und ein positives Fazit im Refrain. Dem ist nichts mehr hinzuzufügen.

           C                            F
There's a sailor gone to sea, only he knows how it feels
       C            Am                 G
As he bids a fond farewell to all his kin.
       C                            F
As he walks along the shore to his love he throws a rose
        C             G              C
I'll return again in winter or in spring.

We had it all
            C       Am
We had the best of times
          G    F               G   C
We had a life that dreams are made of.

Where the sun melts the sky a soldier standing by 
His eyes they cannot hide that lonesome tale.
There's a photograph of home the smell of sweet cologne
On words of love for ever and a day.

At the station she boards a train, wet with tears and rain
And a father holds a mothers empty hand.
She whispers as she goes, of all the things you need to know
What I have I hold forever in my heart.

On an old country lane where the wilderness still reigns
An old man takes a flower in his hand,
How I've watched you bloom and fade and all the beauty you create
I'll take with me that pleasure as we part.

William's Tale (© Gary Miller)

     C           F         C
Now this is the town where I was born
          C         G       C
It's the town where I live now
There is many a tale to be told of this place
I will tell one to you now
    Am               G
In Nineteen-O-One I entered the world     [In the 1900s we entered the world]
     Am           G     C   F
The year that Victoria died               [Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons and I]
    C      G      C       F
My mother died delivering me
        C      G          C
How my father must have cried

As a young lad of twelve
Fresh out of school
I spent my first day down the mine
And it seemed like the hell
Of a dark prison cell
But Lord knows I'd committed no crime
The West Stanley Disaster I remember it well
A hundred and sixty-eight lost their lives
We were little more than slaves then
Growing old before our time

When the Fourteen-Eighteen Great War came
My father was among the first to go
He joined the Durham Light Infantry
And we were proud of the medals he won
Pozzieres, Mons, Ypres, Cambrai and the Somme
He fought in all the major campaigns
But when they shipped him back home at the end of it
He wasn't the father that we had once known

In Twenty-Six the General Strike
Saw all the men out on the streets
From Jarrow they marched in Thirty-Six
But all they got was blood on their feet
Half a century on it all happened again
It seems that some things never change
Back then Jarrow cried now Sunderland has died
And strikes are still all the rage

When the Second World War came along
In Nineteen-Thirty-Nine
My son got a note from the government
Saying "We need your services son for a while"
Then they sent me a note at the end of it all
Saying "Sir your son did fine
Now he's buried in North Africa
You can visit him from time to time"

Now I sit here at home with my plaque on the wall
It's not much to show for my life
Of fifty-odd years of toil down the mine
It's been a long haul of struggle and strife
And if the Tories get back into power again        [The Millennium passed and I quietly pass on]
It's going to drive me insane                      [No national mourning for me]
And now that the Eighties have become the 'Haties' [For I had no Royal blood, I just did what I could]
There's no future left for the bairns of today     [Through the Twentieth Century]

T:William's Tale

The Winds Are Singing Freedom (© Tommy Makem)

         D         A        D
And the winds are singing freedom
      D       A     D
They sing it everywhere
      G      A       D   F#m  Bm      G              A 
They sing it on the mountain side and in the city square.
They sing of a new day dawning
When our people shall be free Come
And join the song of freedom 
        G         A      D
Let it ring from sea to sea.

In the battle streets of Belfast you can hear the people cry
For justice long denied them and their cry will fill the sky.
But the winds of change are blowing,
Bringing hope from dark despair
A new day is dawning, you can feel it in the air.

Too long our people suffered in misery and in tears
And foreign rulers used our land for about eight hundred years.
It's a long road, has no turning, and I know that soon will be
A day of justice dawning, when our people shall be free.

There's a time laid out for laughing, and there's a time laid out to weep
There's a time laid out for sowing, and a time laid out to reap.
There's a time to love your brother, there's a time for hate to cease
If you sow the seeds of justice, then you'll reap the fruits of peace.

World Turned Upside Down (© Leon Rosselson)

            D                          A
In sixteen forty nine to St. George's Hill
A ragged band they called the Diggers
          D                A
Came to show the people's will.
                 D                          A
They defied the landlords, they defied the laws
               G               D       A         D
They were the dispossessed reclaiming what was theirs.

We come in peace they said
To dig and sow
We come to work the land in common
And to make the waste land grow
This earth divided we will make whole
So it can be a common treasury for all.

The sin of property we do disdain
No man has any right to buy and sell
The earth for private gain.
By theft and murder they took the land
Now everywhere the walls rise up at their command.

They made the laws to serve them well
The clergy dazzle us with heaven
Or they damn us into hell.
We will not worship the god they serve
The god of greed who feeds the rich while poor man starve.

We work we eat together, we need no swords
We will not bow to masters
Or pay rents to the lords.
We are free men though we are poor
You diggers all stand up for glory stand up now.

From the man of property the orders came
They send the hired men and troopers
To wipe out the Diggers claim.
Tear down their cottages destroy their corn.
They were dispersed only the vision lingers on.

You poor take courage you rich take care
This earth was made a common treasury
For everyone to share.
All things in common all people one
We come in peace the orders came to cut them down.

You Keep Going Your Way (© )

   D              Em              G            A
I see you in the mist across the river of the night
           D            Em               D
You're a shadow of the past that hurt me so
    D              Em             G                A
The icy stream of nothing runs before my sightless eyes
          D              Em              D
And I'm blinded by a a driving sheet of snow
        Bm                              G
In the gutter I can see my life blood flowing
          Em                               A
Where you cut me down with bodies sinking low
    D              Em          Bm               G
So you keep going your way and I'll keep going mine
D                G             D A
Everything will turn out just fine,
D                G             D
Everything will turn out just fine

A spiders web of intrigue spun in strands of gleaming black
40 thousand lights to lead the way to you
A bent twisted scarecrow tells the future of the past
In a field high on a hill without a view
In a moment you had vanished from my dreaming
And I was left here with the chosen few	
So you keep going your way and I'll keep going mine
Everything will turn out just fine,
Everything will turn out just fine

The sand runs through my fingers as the hours fade dway
and the stars they all becken from up high.
A team of six black Horses rising from the ocean deep
Will carry up my body when I die
The rustle of the pebbles on the shoreline
Remind me that my times in short supply
So you keep going your way and I'll keep going mine
Everything will turn out just fine,
Everything will turn out just fine